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terrible while it’s happening and a joy when it’s over…
October 26, 2011











Who will win?! Viktor has been my fav all along. If it wasn’t for Joshua’s eyebrows, I would tell him to take a hike! “Drama Queen” or what? Cannot WAIT for the season finale!






Yes! I now really do like Rob Kardashian! And Cheryl is finally smiling these days. She’s a cold fish-isn’t she?! Love Carson. Knew him and Chaz would go. After all, it is a competition…





Len is a bit cranky this season. The “terrible while it’s happening and a joy when it’s over” is a Len-ism. I was crying with laughter!





My FAVORITE commercial on TV right now; Walgreens with the twins (Frances and Iris)-what a scream!











Angela and Andy’s wedding, photographed at The Chocksett Inn in Sterling, MA!














































Fear of technology I suppose…






Drop me a line on facebook! Go to the fan page; linda jae photography! You’ll tell two friends and I’ll tell two friends and so on and so on…






I’m excited! 






are you speedy with a glue gun?
August 19, 2011














Wow weeeeeeeee! Good to have some “festive” characters on TV again!








Michael Kors is my favorite person on the planet right now. His one-liners are SENSATIONAL.  I started keeping a “Kors” journal of some of his comments. He said he is going through “Manopause!”  Ok, here we go…






“It looks like a Flinstones disco necklace”












“Why the sunglasses? Was she incognito in napkins?”






“The outfit is fabulous. Her makeup looks like Sea Vixon Barbie”






“Was she nursing triplets in that top?”






“She looks like she’s going to an Autumn Harvest Festival”




Poor Falline. I guess there are no places for puking clowns right now…












Viktor Luna is my fav right now. I have a lil’ crush on him- Yep, I know he is gay-






Joshua- you have thee most beautifully manicured eyebrows I have ever seen!






I really liked Oliver until we found out about his “fake” British accent. He is from Columbus, Ohio for crying out loud!






I hope Austin and Santino come back






Heidi! You need to eat 3 bags of donuts! What happened- no boobs no butt?! She seems like she is “on something” this season. I’m just sayin…










I’m a lousy cook. And because of this, I really don’t like to cook. Or I cook “in spurts”







I have all these ideas as to the recipes I’m “going to” try to make







Even following the advice I give to my brides to use the colored post-its! I always end up with the SAME four things…


































Well…”lets go out to eat then”…























flowers, yard sales and purses!
June 24, 2011








And happy summer!






Every year, I get so excited about planting flowers! All gung-ho in the beginning, then towards the end, it’s like “I’m sick of the soil”. Do you get like that?






Then when you look at the end results, you say “wow weeeeeee, this was worth it”-







Oasis in the city… 














 Look; Herbs that I always forget to use!








Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





My mom’s condo complex had their annual “multi-family” yard sale. Here is some of my crap-ola






Now my mom Phyllis “means business” when it comes to yard sales! Oh yeah-big laminated maps, magnifying glass in tow. She’s the only woman I know who’ll drive 45 mph on the highway, but barrels down a back road at 70 mph to get to a yard sale! She even has a list of “not THESE streets”… I bought her a changer (on her belt) from a waitress at a diner! I found a kiddie version for myself at Homegoods (of all places)-






Do you think this pin is too big for the ole’ hat?! Phyllis wanted to make it clear to folks that she is collecting the dough-







We had a lil’ tiff over “how to display” our stuff. She wanted to put it on plastic bags on the grass. I opted for a more colorful presentation. I sold just about everything too!







I keep telling my mom that Christmas stuff does not sell in the summertime. Yup-we brought it back home-





Here was one of the people in charge of the shin-dig. His wife should be a little nicer, don’t  ya think?! Afterall, very few men like these types of activities, no?









We got so many laughs over this sign. People even took pictures of it!!!!!! Doesn’t matter how much you make. It’s how much fun you have-






My man enjoyed himself. Who remembers “house coats?” I found these online. I wore it as a joke. It reminds me of my grammy back in the  60’s and 70’s!




Something else?… 














I have a pocketbook obsession. Gals- don’t we just LOVE transferring our stuff from our old purse into the new purse?! It is a big project that is as satisfying as chocolate. I can’t help but wonder, though, why the pocketbook becomes so heavy. “What the heck is in there?”






“Things seem to be intact. Not too much. I’ll dig everything out”-







“Lets see”; wallet, garage door opener, mints, other mini wallet, calculator, cell phone, business card holder, note pad/pen/paperclip  and a bag of stale almonds-






“Oh…more than I thought”; makeup bag, lip gloss, measuring  tape, hand-sanitizer, face cream, hairband, lint pads, and sedatives (kidding!)-






“Oh, no…”  my Canon point-n-shoot and 3 Balance bars. Okay, so there is quite a bit in this pocketbook. Still doesn’t have to be this heavy- I thought it would be fun to show you some of my other pocketbooks, whom I’ll name for a couple of giggles…









Lizzie Silver







Pat Pinz








Dotty White







Didi Beatnick







Molly Mod






Valerie Vinyl








Florence Henderson






Rose “I’m waiting for the big moment to still come” Dainty

And finally…










The year: 1982. I was 15 years old and this was my very first perm for the summertime. What a big flamin mess. Do they still even have perms anymore? I don’t know and I sure  hope not! And the tube-top paleeeeze…

Email me you “big hair” pics and they might just make it on the blog! 













Be sure to tune in for a sneak peek!…






beaches and babies…
May 13, 2011

Took a little trip recently…

I watch a lot of CNBC. They have a commecial for Korean Airlines-one of the best I’ve ever seen! Whenever I saw the stewardesses in person at the airport, I just HAD to follow them. They fascinated me.

Hello hello! Sorry it’s been a while. Wedding season is here and I am excited!!!!!! Went to Jamaica with the man last month-

We tried (for the first time) an “all-inclusive” resort-type place.  I don’t know dawg. It was just ok.  The weather; GORGEOUS…

80 degrees. Nice breeze. Beautiful colors in the water. The only problem: we didn’t know what to do! We were kind of  lost-

As you can see by the look on Morgan’s face (holding a menu), huh? “This is what we choose from to eat?”

Why are these men tap, tap, tappin these stones right outside of our hotel room window?! Could one of them be this “Mr. Ja Mon” everyone keeps talking about?!

I pondered lifes’ thoughts for a moment. I still didn’t know what the heck to do. Do I eat? Do I swim? Do I take a nap? Where do I eat and where the heck do I swim?

Morgan took this picture. Figures, although a lot of questions still remain unanswered-

What a calming view at night. Where do we go again?

I can take a picture of myself while  waiting to be “hurdled” down to the buffet-

We can take pictures of each other  looking excited for the “evening” buffet. Recycled from the morning buffet. Or the buffet two days prior-

Again, wer’e confused, especially with the 4th one down and I don’t ever remember anyone smoking on a treadmill!


I love my hunny…

All in all, our trip was pretty good. Think we’ll put the buffets on hold for a while though-

Speaking of moms…

It’s simple and fun! Your child will be much more relaxed and happier in their own enviroment!

By having the session done in your home, we can:

*go through their closet and pick out some adorable outfits together!

*have endless props with toys, play sets, swings and more!

*get personalized photos of your child in their crib, on mom and dad’s bed and other special places!

*follow your lil’ rascal all over the place- indoors and outdoors!

such babies…
March 4, 2011







Hi. It’s been a while…







Poor James Franco. I’ve been a fan since he was on that amazing television show “Freaks and Geeks”. Do these other faces look familiar?! All of these kids went on to do great things. Jason Segel; “How I Met Your Mother”, Seth Rogen; “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”. Busy Phillips; “Cougar Town”. Linda Cardellini; “ER”. James has always had that suave sex appeal with a bit of mystery-




Until this disaster. Oscar host? James, pay attention!!! I blame the producers and writers. Why on earth would they pick someone to host such an important show, who could not make the proper commitment?! Next year, I think “The Oscars” should be hosted by…





Charlie Sheen and Lyndsey Lohan. Why not? At least they’d be entertaining! Two spoiled brats getting away with whatever they want. Be careful driving to Looneyville guys. Anyway!…









LOVE this show!! The judges’ chemistry is so warm and compassionate. And what a talented season for contestants! This show has had a drastic makeover, in a terrific way!









As promised! I’ve chosen 9 kiddies to feature  from portrait sessions last year. We had so much fun! I’m looking forward to photographing a whole bunch more sessions, starting in May! Here we go-

























































































And finally…





Thanks for joining us and “think spring!”






new year, new attitude!
January 20, 2011

Lets make this new year a swell one!

Here we go!! Let’s look at some highlights from my 2010 wedding season. How did I choose? Good question! What I did, was put the names of all my 2010 brides into one big hat. Out of that hat, I chose 5 weddings to feature. I really wish I could show all the weddings, but I thought this way the best way to do it.  Enjoy!!-

Cassie and Ryan


and Chuck Taylors!

Cassie is “sassy”-

Ginny and Paul are sweethearts-

Amy is one of my former brides and Ryan’s sister!-

I smell trouble-


Kim and David


Hannah wanted to let you know that she is “ready to go”-

Two of my former brides- hi Janet and Sarah!-

Oh, yeah…GQ it-



Our song…

and fairytale…


Janine and TJ

Janine’s mom has her “flirty” pose!

The expressions on the guests faces: priceless…

Private dancer-

Grammy looks so colorful!

Pictures never lie; look how much Daddy loves his little girl…


Terrie and Forrest

Joe cool. But his name is really Nick-


Forrest knows the importance of “GQ”-

To surprise her new hubby, Terrie sang for him! What a “wicked” voice she has!

Notice the cake-topper? The B&G are on a motorcycle. How cool is that?!-


Julia and Brian

As Justin Timberlake would say- “Sexy Back”…

Brian is “pondering his thoughts”-

One of Julia’s fav pictures. Mine too-

Hold on tight!


Now if you’re one of my former brides and don’t see your pix- good god Lucy, now please don’t be upset with me!! My limit was only 5 weddings to feature. As mentioned earlier, these names were drawn, at random. Everything is good, yeah?!

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMING NEXT MONTH: Best of Babies- 2010!






and my brother Bill dancing…(kidding!)

one of thee most fabulous woman on television!…
November 30, 2010





Meet The Target Lady! This is my FAVORITE woman on television right now.  You must have seen the commercials. We’ll have a look in a bit at her truly wacky commerials! 





So who is this fabulous woman? Her name is Maria Bamford and she is a Stand-Up Comedian. This forty year-old also does voices for The Cartoon Network. I kept thinking “where is my Target Lady”. Then realized that these commercials were for The Black Friday Sales. Ohhhhh. Please, please come back!-





I was thinking about the ultimate Holiday Party and who I would have as guests, if!  I could invite anyone. I’d start with-





Of course, The Target Lady. But I would invite her early, so she could give me some “tips” on how to decorate and make gingerbread cookies-all for a  fabulous holiday party! Perhaps she could sing a little “diddy”. Oh wait- someone is at the door-




It’s Flo from Progressive! “Nice to finally meet you and thanks for being a guest at my party! What’s that?  Yes, yes, car insurance, c’mon in, I’d like you to meet”…





Austin Scarlett. “Darling, what a pleasure. “You look quaint and regal-love the scarf”. Excuse me for just a moment, someone is making quite a rackett outside!”  Who on earth could it be?… 





Jack Black, no way! “C’mon in and join my Holiday Party!.  Now please don’t hurt Austin”. 




 I think The Scrubbing Bubbles guys would be a hoot at a party. At least they would monitor the conversation and “keep it clean”. Then, help me clean up afterwards. It is a win-win situation with The Bubbles.  I must have cool music and dancing at my Holiday Party!… 





And I cannot think of anyone better to get your groove on with, then Austin Powers! Keep in mind, there will be two Austins. I guess it’ll be: “British Austin” and “Fashionista Austin”


 Tell me, if you could invite ANYONE to your party, who would YOU have?!-












You thought I was going to talk about this show. I’m sorry, I have no comment!-













Thanks a million to everyone who voted! This fabric (above) won by an overwhelming majority!







This one, well…I’ll put it to good use-






This hideous thing will look super-duper with a make-over. I’ll get to it over the winter break and be sure to post some pix of its new swanky lookin’ bod-













Say hello to Madeline-
















And Elizabeth Pearl, who seems to be busy at the moment…







Three lil’ wonders singing-







And swingin’-







There is something truly magical about photographing my former B&G’s babies. Not only do we get to re-connect (pictured is Ana and Andy who’s wedding I photographed in 2006 with 2 1/2 year-old twins Madeline and Nicholas and 1 year-old Elizabeth Pearl), but I also get a glimpse into their personal lives. I LOVE going to my former clients homes. These portrait sessions are fun-







And so very sentimental! Photographing children in their own home, tells THEIR life stories. Isn’t that what we should do as photographers?







You have to wonder goes through their minds?







Nicholas and Madeline would like to know “what?”-









I photographed Darcy and Todd’s wedding back in 2008! Two years later, say hello to baby Ryan-






Ryan is fascinated with his Daddy’s hat!-






LOVE LOVE LOVE kids in hats!-






Ryan wanted to let you know that these sneakers are new-
















My name is Henry! I like to pose “GQ” style just like my Mommy and Daddy-








I photographed Andrea and Sam’s wedding back in 2007! So wonderful to re-connect with people again. Henry is 8 months old and-







An absolute expert at “pondering life’s thoughts”-







Don’t ya know!






Andrea (Henry’s Mommy) told me that this is Henry’s favorite book. AND his favorite page, which I just happen to get lucky at capturing on camera. It is these little moments that we treasure through photographs. Stay tuned- I will have plenty of more baby pictures to show you! It really boils down to one important thing…












Linda Jae with 4 of her former brides at one wedding! From l to r: Janet, new bride Kim, Linda Jae, Annie, Sarah (Annie’s sister) and Sarah at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel- May, 2010






A referral means everything!!! That is what keeps us going. I will be forever grateful to my past, present and future brides for their referrals. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It is so very important for me to try to keep as many life-long client relationships going as possible. When my brides start having kids, I will be there to continue telling their life story. How much fun is THAT?!-






I just tried to “GQ” and failed miserably (an inside joke with any of my former brides)-





If you’re a new bride-to-be! I encourage you to read my “pricing-tips” on this blog. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to get a referral from someone you know AND! have chemistry with your vendors, especially your photographer. It’ll be worth it in every way-







Here we go! As promised earlier, lets have a look at The Target Lady’s commercials ONLY if you are able to laugh out loud!!!










Massachusetts wedding photographer

Linda Jae Photography


watch watch, talk talk…
August 13, 2010






This humidity turns us crazy! Here I am back in 1990 at The Berlin Wall, Germany. I did the backpacking Europe thing three times in my early 20’s. Those were some of the best days of my life! Anyway, we can easily get caught up with all the “negativity” out there: politics, the local news sensationalizing EVERYTHING, foo foo reality shows, what color nail polish Lindsey Lohan is wearing-




What do you get when you mix negativity with humidity? Plum crazy! I decided to ban myself from listening to or watching the news. It’s been 2 weeks and I feel fantastic. As I was channel surfing, I stumbled upon, and forgive me if I’m a late bloomer-






Ok, first of all, lets stop the brakes. It’s back on! It is too soon to tell just who might shine, but I’m fascinated by this creature named-





Mondo. Is he Devo’s long lost cousin perhaps? I almost fell off my chair when I heard about these two having a show-




Good God Lucy! Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice from Project Runway?! “On the Road” follows “Project Runway”, Thursdays, 10pm. Austin reminds me of a preppy Herbie (“I want to be a dentist”) from “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”). And Santino is finally sincere. A  terrific and humble show-





Ok, so here is my new FAV show. “American Pickers” on The History Channel. Mondays, 9pm- yep, give me Mike and Frank. If you love yard sales, retro, vintage, antique anything, you’ll love this show AND




“Pawn Stars” right after “American Pickers”. These shows are just soooo interesting. Great entertainment! I’m not that much of a TV junkie. I don’t turn on the television before 8pm. Back to wedding tidbits-






Cassie and Ryan







Cassie is one of my most “animated” brides I’ve ever had! We had so much fun-





Sassy bride. Sassy day-






Meet the lucky man, Ryan!





Ryan is Amy’s (left) brother! I photographed Amy’s wedding last year. Do you see how incredible the power of referrals is?!-






Ryan’s parents Ginny and Paul with Cassie. Such nice, nice families!-






Etsy! (I’m learning)-




“The Boys”. This is the cutest lil’ church. “Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood” cute! Lets have a look at some of my fav pix from Cassie and Ryan’s wedding-












Ryan throughly enjoying a kiss from Amy and Meghan, his two sisters!-

















Notice all the guys have different colored socks! LOVE the sneaks-





Laughing at life-loving each other-





Cupcake tiers. Thee most delicious lemon cupcake I’ve ever had, thanks to The Bean Counter!






I photographed Amy and Chris’s wedding. Here is their newest edition to the family; Cameron James!-





Private moments-









Sexy. And surreal-








One of my fav pix. City life-






This month’s pet peeve: negativity on television-








This documentary about Joan Rivers “A Piece Of Work”  is deeply moving. She is 75 years old and works 7 days a week. An extraordinary woman and a must-see! Finally…





Happy Anniversary my darling Morgan. It has been 2 years. Sometimes it feels like 10, sometimes it feels like yesterday- always  in a good way. I love you madly…








Massachusetts including Boston, Metrowest

Central MA, Worcester wedding photographer

Linda Jae Photography






good news travels fast…
June 2, 2010





Imagine this! Four of my former brides at one wedding! Yep, that’s right. Say hello to; (l to r) Janet, new bride Kim, me, Annie, Sarah (Annie’s sister) and Sarah-









The power of referrals is truly unbelievable. It all started with Sarah (on th right). Kim (the bride) was a bridesmaid at Sarah’s 2005 wedding. Kim referred the other Sarah (on the left, married 2007). Sarah sent Janet (married in 2008). Annie (married 2008), is Sarah’s younger sister. See what I mean. It just keeps going in a circle with referrals. And I am so happy and grateful to be a part of all of this!-



Thanks Sarah and Annie!







Thank you Janet





Thank you Sarah! The power of referrals also leads to lasting relationships with my clients. Guess what happens when they start having lil’ ones?-





I’ll be there! This is Sarah and Mark’s lil’ one- say hello to George! Now lets have a sneak peek at Kim and David’s wedding-






Kim and David






Kim looked stunning-







Hannah was “ready to go”






Janet and Sarah- two of my former brides heading to the church-







An Armenian ceremony-










Joshua was looking very “GQ”-







Private time just after the ceremony-






The reception was at The Copley Plaza Hotel. Gorgeous!-

















Look at this elegant cake-





There was a delicious candy bar too. Kim made these cookies herself!






David loves Kim like crazy!-





Perfect day to go outside!-




One of my fav pix. Ever.












Romantic dreams really do come true-






David got up on stage and jammed with the band!





The crowd went wild!-







Thanks to my assistants; Phyllis and Morgan. The two most reliable  people I know. Phyllis is my mom and…




The girls guessed it! Morgan is my man. I think this pose might have done it!



PET PEEVE THIS MONTH: Kim Kardasian. On the cover of FOUR magazines this month? Paleeze. Enough of The Kardasians for cryin out loud!!








Massachusetts wedding photographer

Boston, Metrowest, Central MA, Worcester, MA wedding photography

Massachusetts wedding photojournalism


Linda Jae Photography



turn the lights on!…
April 29, 2010








I have something that I’ve been crazy about for YEARS. Something that is a fetish in a way. Something that changes my whole perspective of home living. Here it is-









Hello, my name is Linda. I am a Home Goods junkie-





I actually get a “warming” sensation when I walk into Home Goods. At times, I find it difficult to breath from being overly-excited. I’ve even been brought to tears on occasion when I find something unique.  Now you might say “what is this hodge-podge of crapola”. The key to completing a successful shopping journey at Home Goods should be taken in steps-



*Have a general idea of what you’re looking for.

*Don’t panic, go slow and take in all the glorious color.

*Be sure to circle the entire store THREE times, mabey four. This could take a while.

*If shortness of breath occurs due to an unbelievable find, have a seat and rest. 

*Be sure to immediately grab your find! If another woman gives you “the once over” look because perhaps she wanted your item, politely “smirk” at her. No need for words. We women know how this game works-




This store is the perfect place to go when you’re feeling down. There is color, color and more color. Almost like Alice in Wonderland. I was immediatley drawn to-



Their lamps. I needed to “step away” from the lamps for just a moment. How does one choose? The answer for me was to buy one lamp. Then another. Then another (even though I really didn’t need another). Yep, just buy it, you’ll find a place for it-




I had become a lamp addict. “But I like them all hunny, how could I possibly return any of them?” Folks, I’d like you to have a look at these different lamps and lighting fixtures. Since each one seems to have  its own personality- I’ve decided to “name” them. I’m really not crazy, I just like to have a good laugh! Here we go-




Veronica Flowers





Orrin Hatch






Orrin Hatch’s cousin Crystal Waters







Slim Puller





Tiley Cyrus





Di Di Beatnik





Wellington Houndsworth






Victoria Snooty







Cary Grant





Dot, Betty and Grace











Charles and Dick Lawton “fraternal twins”










I think the musical numbers on Tuesday nights have been pretty spectacular. Their tribute to the movies was just the best-




The swing dance competition was incredible! I just love the Old Hollywood style with musical instrumentals. Note to singers: please STOP and bring back more instrumentals!




Ok, I told you that Pammy was serious about dancing! She is really doing a great job. Not as much of a trainwreck as I thought but please! No more wigs Pammy-






Yes!! Seth Aaron deserved to win. I thought Mila’s collection was a bit sloppy. Emilio’s collection was fantastic, but his attitude stinks-what a sore loser-




This was my fav Seth design. Look at the way it’s tailored for crying out loud!-




PET PEEVE OF THE MONTH: Christmas lights STILL on the outside of homes! This is April people!









Massachusetts wedding photographer

Linda Jae Photography