are you speedy with a glue gun?














Wow weeeeeeeee! Good to have some “festive” characters on TV again!








Michael Kors is my favorite person on the planet right now. His one-liners are SENSATIONAL.  I started keeping a “Kors” journal of some of his comments. He said he is going through “Manopause!”  Ok, here we go…






“It looks like a Flinstones disco necklace”












“Why the sunglasses? Was she incognito in napkins?”






“The outfit is fabulous. Her makeup looks like Sea Vixon Barbie”






“Was she nursing triplets in that top?”






“She looks like she’s going to an Autumn Harvest Festival”




Poor Falline. I guess there are no places for puking clowns right now…












Viktor Luna is my fav right now. I have a lil’ crush on him- Yep, I know he is gay-






Joshua- you have thee most beautifully manicured eyebrows I have ever seen!






I really liked Oliver until we found out about his “fake” British accent. He is from Columbus, Ohio for crying out loud!






I hope Austin and Santino come back






Heidi! You need to eat 3 bags of donuts! What happened- no boobs no butt?! She seems like she is “on something” this season. I’m just sayin…










I’m a lousy cook. And because of this, I really don’t like to cook. Or I cook “in spurts”







I have all these ideas as to the recipes I’m “going to” try to make







Even following the advice I give to my brides to use the colored post-its! I always end up with the SAME four things…


































Well…”lets go out to eat then”…
























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