flowers, yard sales and purses!








And happy summer!






Every year, I get so excited about planting flowers! All gung-ho in the beginning, then towards the end, it’s like “I’m sick of the soil”. Do you get like that?






Then when you look at the end results, you say “wow weeeeeee, this was worth it”-







Oasis in the city… 














 Look; Herbs that I always forget to use!








Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





My mom’s condo complex had their annual “multi-family” yard sale. Here is some of my crap-ola






Now my mom Phyllis “means business” when it comes to yard sales! Oh yeah-big laminated maps, magnifying glass in tow. She’s the only woman I know who’ll drive 45 mph on the highway, but barrels down a back road at 70 mph to get to a yard sale! She even has a list of “not THESE streets”… I bought her a changer (on her belt) from a waitress at a diner! I found a kiddie version for myself at Homegoods (of all places)-






Do you think this pin is too big for the ole’ hat?! Phyllis wanted to make it clear to folks that she is collecting the dough-







We had a lil’ tiff over “how to display” our stuff. She wanted to put it on plastic bags on the grass. I opted for a more colorful presentation. I sold just about everything too!







I keep telling my mom that Christmas stuff does not sell in the summertime. Yup-we brought it back home-





Here was one of the people in charge of the shin-dig. His wife should be a little nicer, don’t  ya think?! Afterall, very few men like these types of activities, no?









We got so many laughs over this sign. People even took pictures of it!!!!!! Doesn’t matter how much you make. It’s how much fun you have-






My man enjoyed himself. Who remembers “house coats?” I found these online. I wore it as a joke. It reminds me of my grammy back in the  60’s and 70’s!




Something else?… 














I have a pocketbook obsession. Gals- don’t we just LOVE transferring our stuff from our old purse into the new purse?! It is a big project that is as satisfying as chocolate. I can’t help but wonder, though, why the pocketbook becomes so heavy. “What the heck is in there?”






“Things seem to be intact. Not too much. I’ll dig everything out”-







“Lets see”; wallet, garage door opener, mints, other mini wallet, calculator, cell phone, business card holder, note pad/pen/paperclip  and a bag of stale almonds-






“Oh…more than I thought”; makeup bag, lip gloss, measuring  tape, hand-sanitizer, face cream, hairband, lint pads, and sedatives (kidding!)-






“Oh, no…”  my Canon point-n-shoot and 3 Balance bars. Okay, so there is quite a bit in this pocketbook. Still doesn’t have to be this heavy- I thought it would be fun to show you some of my other pocketbooks, whom I’ll name for a couple of giggles…









Lizzie Silver







Pat Pinz








Dotty White







Didi Beatnick







Molly Mod






Valerie Vinyl








Florence Henderson






Rose “I’m waiting for the big moment to still come” Dainty

And finally…










The year: 1982. I was 15 years old and this was my very first perm for the summertime. What a big flamin mess. Do they still even have perms anymore? I don’t know and I sure  hope not! And the tube-top paleeeeze…

Email me you “big hair” pics and they might just make it on the blog! 













Be sure to tune in for a sneak peek!…







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