beaches and babies…

Took a little trip recently…

I watch a lot of CNBC. They have a commecial for Korean Airlines-one of the best I’ve ever seen! Whenever I saw the stewardesses in person at the airport, I just HAD to follow them. They fascinated me.

Hello hello! Sorry it’s been a while. Wedding season is here and I am excited!!!!!! Went to Jamaica with the man last month-

We tried (for the first time) an “all-inclusive” resort-type place.  I don’t know dawg. It was just ok.  The weather; GORGEOUS…

80 degrees. Nice breeze. Beautiful colors in the water. The only problem: we didn’t know what to do! We were kind of  lost-

As you can see by the look on Morgan’s face (holding a menu), huh? “This is what we choose from to eat?”

Why are these men tap, tap, tappin these stones right outside of our hotel room window?! Could one of them be this “Mr. Ja Mon” everyone keeps talking about?!

I pondered lifes’ thoughts for a moment. I still didn’t know what the heck to do. Do I eat? Do I swim? Do I take a nap? Where do I eat and where the heck do I swim?

Morgan took this picture. Figures, although a lot of questions still remain unanswered-

What a calming view at night. Where do we go again?

I can take a picture of myself while  waiting to be “hurdled” down to the buffet-

We can take pictures of each other  looking excited for the “evening” buffet. Recycled from the morning buffet. Or the buffet two days prior-

Again, wer’e confused, especially with the 4th one down and I don’t ever remember anyone smoking on a treadmill!


I love my hunny…

All in all, our trip was pretty good. Think we’ll put the buffets on hold for a while though-

Speaking of moms…

It’s simple and fun! Your child will be much more relaxed and happier in their own enviroment!

By having the session done in your home, we can:

*go through their closet and pick out some adorable outfits together!

*have endless props with toys, play sets, swings and more!

*get personalized photos of your child in their crib, on mom and dad’s bed and other special places!

*follow your lil’ rascal all over the place- indoors and outdoors!


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